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      About us

      About Us

      ENN Ecological Holdings Co., Ltd.



      ENN Ecological Holdings Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “ENN EC”) is one of the earliest listed enterprises in Hebei Province with stock code of 600803. As an important part of the clean energy industry chain of ENN Group, we are focusing on the upstream of clean energy industry chain by providing solutions and service related to LNG industry. 


      ENN EC is committed to realizing the Vision of Being an Innovative and Competitive Upstream Natural Gas Supplier. ENN EC mainly operates in four business segments: LNG development, production, processing and investment; Energy & Chemicals (including Methyl Alcohol, Dimethyl Ether and LNG); Energy Engineering and Coal mining and washing. In the future, we will rely on technical innovation and full value chain capability to achieve sustainable development in an innovative mode.

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